Intro to Natural Building

April 15th - 16th, 2023
Superadobe, adobe brick, 
 Natural plasters

Intro to Natural Building

The goal of this event is to give you a taste of a few of the learning components we teach at our Mojave Center! Read through the schedule below to see what's included!

2 Day Course Schedule

Course program will be held near the Mojave Center and in surrounding desert enviorment. Food Included.


Friday (Arrival)

-Arrive at 5pm

-Dinner at MC

-Campfire Hang


Saturday (Day 1)

-Superadobe Building Basics (Build a wall!)

-Stack Adobe Bricks (pre-made)

-Evening Hot Springs (Optional)


Sunday (Day 2) 

-Cobb Plaster 

-Base Plaster 

-Clay Finish Plaster

-Make Adobe Bricks (make new bricks to be stacked later)

-Course Debrief

-Depart after course or leave in the morning


Monday (Departure)

-Depart before 10am



What to expect, what to bring and where to go, listed in the packet below! :)


  • Our Mojave Center!

  • Charleston View, CA

  • 1 Hour West of Las Vegas

  • Exact Address will be send upon Sign up!

Logistics for workshop:

  • Water & power is available

  • Please bring your own camper/shelter - wind resistant tents only*

  • Service is LTE and widely available

  • Bring plenty of work clothes/closed-toed shoes/2x leather gardening gloves/1x working gloves

Current Structures on site:

  • Indoor Classroom

  • Composting Toilet

  • Shower Dome

  • 9 domes finished in the structural phase, some can be used for tent shelters

  • 3 Domes Available for Rentals

  • The HUB - shipping container for storage & electricity hub

  • Community Kitchen



April 15th - 16th, 2023



with own lodging



with dome lodging

  • $250 paid in full to acquire spot

  • Alumni enjoy 25% off

  • Bring a friend & enjoy 15% off - (one friend only, discount goes to you!)

  • Discounts for returning students & bring a friend discounts will be taken off the remainder payments due

  • Cancellation policy: if you need to cancel last minute we will refund 50% of the deposit made

Experience Includes:

  • 2 Day Full Experience

  • Professional instruction by The Mojave Center staff

  • Building + Plastering experience

  • Healthy meals during course for any dietary restriction

  • Lunch & Dinner included

  • BYO Breakfast