Plaster Party

Sept 10th
Oct 8th
Oct 29th (halloween Theme)



The goal of this event is to give you a taste of one of the learning components we teach at our Mojave Center - natural plasters! We have a lot of domes that need plastering and joining our plaster party is a great way to get involved in our community as well as getting your hands dirty to learn some plastering techniques. 



Course Schedule

1 Day Plaster Party - includes plaster experience, practice,

land for camping, food followed by a dance celebration


Event Breakdown

*This curriculum can slightly change due to weather and energy of group



6pm : Arrival + Camp Set up

7pm: Dinner

8pm : Optional Hotsprings or Fire Hang



8am : Breakfast 

9am : Group Dynamic Game!

10-12pm  : Plaster Party : Cobb & Base Plaster

12 pm: Lunch 

1-3 pm : Plaster Party : Final Clay, Final Lime

6pm : Dinner provided by MC

7-11pm: Dance Celebration!



8am : Breakfast, provided by you! :)

9am : Event Closure & Departure!




What to expect, what to bring and where to go, listed in the packet below! :)


  • Our Mojave Center!

  • Charleston, View, CA

  • 1 Hour West of Las Vegas

  • Exact Address will be send upon Sign up!

Logistics for workshop:

  • Water & power is available

  • Please bring your own camper/shelter - wind resistant tents only*

  • Service is LTE and widely available

  • Bring plenty of work clothes/closed-toed shoes/2x leather gardening gloves/1x working gloves

  • 10 positions available

Current Structures on site:

  • Oasis Dome  - Indoor Classroom

  • Composting Toilet

  • Outdoor Shower

  • 6 domes finished in the structural phase that can be used for tent shelters

  • The HUB - shipping container for storage & electricity hub

  • Tracy - Community Kitchen

  • Outdoor Kitchen




Oct 8th 

Oct 29th (halloween Theme)

+  Plaster event begins at 9am on Saturdays! Please arrive the night prior!

+ Cancellation policy: if you need to cancel last minute we will roll over your payment for the next plaster party.

Experience Includes:

  • 1 Day Full Experience

  • Coat the exterior of dome in a base coat of clay, sand and straw plaster

  • Dance celebration

  • Professional instruction by The Mojave Center staff

  • Optional recreation; date farm tours, hot springs, visit neighboring dome projects & farms and dance parties

  • Healthy meals during course for any dietary restriction

Food Schedule provided by the MC

  • Friday : Dinner

  • Saturday : Lunch & Dinner

  •  1 Lunch meal + 2 Dinner meals

  • Please bring your own breakfast & snacks.

  • Lunch & Dinner is prepared with love from our chef!