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Southern Arizona

July 13 -20, 2024

Earthen Dome Workshop

The goal of this workshop is to complete a dome in the SuperAdobe construction style. 

This type of building is one example of natural building we teach from the Mojave Center and is utilized in various parts of the world because of the affordability, easy construction technique, and overall strength of the structure. By building with the Earth in a SuperAdobe format, your energy will directly impact how we demonstrate sustainable living in a desert environment for many years to come. This is a great opportunity if you are interested in gaining a more in-depth understanding of SuperAdobe building techniques to create earthen homes.  


Southern Arizona



participation options

Dome Build Workshop Only

July 13 - 20th, 2024

15 spots

-Experience the dome build portion from start to finish

-This will be bag work and construction only

Dome Apprentice

July 13 - 31st, 2024

Full Build

8 Spots available

-Experience the dome build portion from start to finish

-Stay past the building to learn all the finishing work

-Interior & Exterior Plasters

-Basic Electrical

-Doors & Windows install

-Complete a dome from Start to Finish


Plasters &

Finishwork Only

July 20 - 31st, 2024

8 spots

-Interior Plasters

-Exterior Plasters

-Basic Electrical

-Doors and Windows

Dome Curriculum


Friday July 12th

Arrival & Travel Day!

Saturday July 13th

Introductions to Design

Center Compass


 Superadobe basics

Superadobe Design & Rules Lecture

Hands on Superadobe Building

July 14 - 19th

Hands on Superadobe Building

Laying technique

Height compass navigation

Door & Window Forms

Material mixing


Material sourcing


Drafting & Design

Saturday July 20th

Building End 

Work Day Schedule 

7:30 -  Breakfast

8:30  - Game / Morning Stretch

9:00 - Morning On Site Build Session

12:00  - Lunch

1:00 - Afternoon On Site Build Session  

5:00 - Work Day End

6:00 - Evening Lecture

7:00 - Dinner


Finishing Curriculum

 Sunday July 21st

Basic Electrical install

Interior Clay Base 1st Coat Plaster

Monday July 22nd

Break and Rest

July 23 - 24th

Window Install

Door Jam Install

Exterior Base Lime/Cement Plaster

1st & 2nd Coat

Thursday July 25th

Interior Clay Base 2nd Coat 

Light Fixture install


 Friday July 26 -27th

Paint & Prime Exterior

Sunday July 28th

Break Day to allow interior dry time


Monday July 29th

1st coat fine plaster

Tuesday July 30th

Gravel & Earthen Floor

Wednesday July 31st

Workshop End
Departure Day




Southern Arizona  -1 hour southeast of Tucson, AZ

The property is about a 10 minute drive on a dirt road from the main paved road.

 2wd vehicles can make it to the property on the dirt roads.

Higher clearance recommended.

Exact location sent after sign up!


Tucson, Arizona: 

Flights must land before 4pm on July 12th in Tucson if you'd like to be picked up from the airport by a staff member. 

Private Transport from airport to the property is $50 round trip  

Flight Departure July 20th after 11am or July 31st after 11pm


Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is included for the dome workshop only.  

This will be group meals provided by our chef.

Most meals will include meat with a veggie option. We will do our best to accommodate for all dietary needs, but it always good to plan ahead & bring additional protein supplements & vitamins as we will be working physically. 

If you are staying for the apprentice program or plaster portion, food will be on your own from July 20 - 31st. You will have access to the camp kitchen.


Build Site


Join us for an immersive workshop nestled in the serene landscapes of Southern Arizona. 1 hour southeast of Tucson, Arizona. Surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the Sky Islands section of the Sonoran Desert, participants can expect to embark on a journey of discovery and inspiration.

The workshop site is a raw piece of land. The land will be the first expansion of the Mojave Center's second campus! This campus gets twice as much rain as our Mojave Campus as it will be another example of natural buildings in a different ecosystems. 

Our workshop offers the unique opportunity to engage with nature firsthand, as we explore the rugged terrain, lush canyons, and vibrant flora and fauna that define this enchanting region. 

Temps: The land sits right under 5000ft of elevation. Temps in July will not exceed 100 degrees. 

Exact building location will be sent after rsvp



Air Bnb

Check Sierra Vista for near by rentals

The property is about a 10 minute drive on a dirt road from the main paved road. A 2wd vehicle can make it to the property on the dirt roads.

Camping at Build Site 

Use the land as base camp. Plenty of land for camping. Will have access to composting toilet, camp shower and camp kitchen. 

Tent Camping, RV & Vans Ok!




Dome Build Only

July 13- 20, 2024


Plasters & Finishwork

July 20- 31st, 2024


  • Full payment required upon arrival

  • Alumni enjoy 25% off 

  • Bring a friend & enjoy 15% off - (one friend only, discount goes to you!)

  • Discounts for returning students & bring a friend discounts are by cash payments only

  • Cancellation policy: if you need to cancel last minute we will refund 50% of the deposit made

Dome Build Breakfast Volunteer

July 13 - 20th

2 discounted spots

Alternate days with other volunteer to get breakfast ready in the morning. Consists of heating water for oatmeal, chopping fruit, etc.


Dome Apprentice

July 13- 31st, 2024


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